Coffee = Community

As a family-run business deeply rooted in our local community, we are passionate about bringing you the most flavorful coffee experience possible.

Founded by the Jones family in 2021 after 15+ years of industry experience, our journey started with a simple desire to share our love for specialty coffee with our community in an approachable, friendly way. Over the years, we have built a reputation for serving exceptional coffees that are carefully sourced, thoughtfully roasted, and spark curiosity of our community.

But for us, it's not just about the coffee; it's about the people. We believe that coffee has the power to bring people and communities together, tearing down walls and stereotypes. We are proud to be an advocate for connectedness and community in our neighborhoods. We will remain deeply committed to supporting our coffee community through various initiatives, such as partnering with local farmers, participating in local events, and giving back to causes that align with our mission.

When you choose Jones Coffee, you are not just choosing a brand of coffee; you are joining our family and becoming a part of our story.

Frequently Asked Questions

We roast all our coffees in small batches, daily. Upon ordering, our roasting staff will roast your coffee(s), package, and ship them out within 3 business days! Don't hesitate to email us at with questions/concerns.

We never add flavoring to our coffees. We source unique lots from around the world based on their inherent flavor profiles, and roast/name them in a way that highlights those qualities. All our coffees ultimately taste like COFFEE - but every coffee has unique flavor notes, Jones Coffee puts those FIRST!

We are so confident you'll love our coffees that we guarantee your enjoyment! Don't like a coffee? email us at and we will ship you out a replacement!